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Contribute Your Stories to the COVID-19 Archive

CSU Libraries’ Archives & Special Collections is launching a campus-wide project to encourage students, staff, and faculty to document their personal experiences during the coronavirus outbreak and contribute them to the University Archives. All members of the campus community are invited and encouraged to participate.

We are interested in your stories about the shift to remote instruction and learning, studying and working from home, working at off-campus jobs, the impact of closing residence halls and other campus services, and the ways you and your friends and family are staying in touch during the pandemic.

How to Participate

The method of recording your thoughts during this time period is up to you. Some suggestions include writing in a journal, recording voice memos, saving your social media posts, taking photos and/or videos, or creating multimedia works of digital storytelling. Please comply with stay-at-home orders while self-documenting.

Need some help with how to capture your experiences? Please use this questionnaire to help tell your story.

The Submission Process

  • Please use the button below to submit your items. You will be able to sign an agreement allowing the University Archives to preserve your submission, and you will receive important information about the copyright and use of your content.
  • Submissions will not be available to the public immediately. After they are processed by University Archives staff, they will be available in our digital repository, Mountain Scholar.

Thank You

Your contribution to documenting this unprecedented outbreak is greatly appreciated. Archives usually receive historical documentation years after something has happened, but doing it in the moment allows primary reaction to be genuine and organic. 

Additional Survey

The Geospatial Centroid is also collecting information to create a generalized map of where the CSU community finds itself during the COVID-19 pandemic. Use this link if you’d like to participate. 

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