Preservation Services

The mission of Preservation Services is to ensure that the resources collected in support of research, teaching and learning at Colorado State University Libraries remain available for long-term use.

Preservation Services is responsible for the care and maintenance of the Libraries physical collections. Services include repair and rehousing of library materials, in-house conservation treatments, and preparing items for commercial re-binding, shelving and circulation. Services also encompass planning and managing a program for an extensive range of conservation treatments for the Library’s Archives and Special Collections materials including basic stabilization, cleaning, and complex conservation treatments for paper-based materials.

Preservation Services contributes to outreach and preservation awareness efforts for campus and community patrons, serving as a resource for a wide range of preservation, and conservation issues; including engagement with emergency planning and recovery activities for the physical collections, and providing environmental monitoring.

For Preservation Services newsletters and images of damaged books and, please see Preservation Services in Mountain Scholar.

Preservation Services Research Guide

For more information, contact:

Ann Schwalm
Preservation Specialist
(970) 491-1826

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