Faculty & Staff Positions

Associate Dean for Collections & Discovery

The Associate Dean provides leadership and strategic oversight for programs and services related to access, curation, and preservation of scholarly content. Responsibilities include developing strategic directions with division and department heads; fostering effective working relationships with library and academic colleagues; enhancing and assessing service quality; providing staff training and technology awareness programs; and shared responsibility for library fundraising and donor activities. The position oversees three units: Collection Strategies, Interlibrary Loan, and Acquisitions & Metadata Services.

Learn more about the Associate Dean for Collections & Discovery position and apply.

CSU Libraries Culture, Hiring Processes & Benefits

Attracting, hiring and retaining exceptional people is critically important for the Libraries’ success and our users’. We strive to create transparency and enhance inclusivity in our hiring practices by sharing information with potential candidates about our culture, hiring processes and benefits. 

Student Positions

All positions for student employees appear on RAMWeb under the Student Employment link. Most hiring usually happens in August and September, but positions are posted throughout the year.

Practicum/Internship Positions

The Libraries is committed to its employee workforce and professional standards in librarianship. We routinely hire paid interns from both the CSU community and MLS/MLIS degree-seeking students from other universities.

All internships at the CSU Libraries are paid. We don’t hire for unpaid internships, even when course credit is assigned, due to the role of unpaid internship positions in deepening inequities in the workforce.

Application Process

  1. Students desiring an educational experience through a practicum will first contact the CSU Libraries’ Human Resources Department. Human Resources will forward the request to either the department head in whose department they wish to work or to one of the associate deans. Students should be aware that opportunities may not be available every semester.
  2. Practicum needs are assessed three times per year, before each semester. Once an opportunity is available, the position will be posted on Handshake or the CSU job board. Interested applicants will need to apply online to the open position.
  3. The department head will schedule interviews (either face-to-face or virtually) to discuss the parameters of the practicum, including additional library personnel as needed.
  4. Working with the department head, the student will prepare a proposal that includes the following:
    • Brief introduction, stating student’s name, the unit within the Libraries, faculty advisor contact information, and any other pertinent information.
    • Student’s stated educational goals, objectives, specific projects, anticipated outcomes, as well as a timeline for the educational experience.
    • Specific objectives for department/unit staff working with the student.
    • Stated requirement and how the project will support the mission of the Libraries.
    • Stated requirements to be met by the student for their educational program.
    • Stated requirements to be met by the library staff member supervising the student.
  5. The proposal will be submitted to the associate dean, through the department head, for approval.
  6. The associate dean will notify the department head of the acceptance or rejection of the proposal, including any modifications. The department head will notify the student.


  1. Students will complete and submit all paperwork required by the Libraries before commencing the practicum.
  2. Students are responsible for completing and submitting all paperwork and other requirements of the Libraries, as well as their educational program throughout the practicum as required by their educational institution.
  3. Students are responsible for completing all tasks and projects agreed to as part of this practicum.
  4. The faculty advisor from the student’s educational program is responsible for tracking the student’s progress and maintaining contact with the library supervisor throughout the course of the educational experience, if necessary.
  5. A copy of the completed student evaluation required by the student’s educational program will be forwarded to the associate dean.

Volunteer Positions

The Libraries doesn’t have a volunteer program because we prioritize hiring student employees. We value Service as a Principle of Community and encourage community members interested in volunteering to explore the many opportunities at CSU and in the Fort Collins area.

Equity & Social Justice at the Libraries

At the CSU Libraries, we are reflecting on our role in creating an equitable and just society and how we can help dismantle systems of oppression present in our profession, our libraries and on our campus.

Learn more about our ongoing work toward equity and social justice.


Questions? Contact the Libraries’ Human Resources staff at Library_Human_Resources@colostate.edu.

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