Community Patrons, Alumni & Guests

ServiceCommunity Patrons

• Residents of the state of Colorado.
• CSU Alumni
Not residents of the state of Colorado or residents who are visiting for just one day
Community Patron CardAvailable to Colorado State residents over 18 years old with a valid driver’s license or state ID card. Minors under 18 (in the 6th grade or above) may apply for a card with parent/guardian co-signature.Not Applicable
Borrowing books and other materialsYes
Not Applicable
InterLibrary Loan & ProspectorServices not available to Community Patrons. Please check with your local public library for access to ILL and Prospector.Not Applicable
Morgan Library Computer LabLimited to two hours of use per day. Login with the number on your library card that begins with 1001… Your password will be the password you set up when you established your account.
Visitors can request temporary access for a single 2-hour window through the Help Desk.
Using personal laptops or mobile devices in Morgan LibraryIf you are using your own laptop or mobile device, there is no time limit. When you login, click on CSU-eID as the network and use the same login and password as above.
Visitors can use their own laptops and mobile devices to connect to the Internet with no time limit. However, this will only connect to the “free” Internet and will not provide access to CSU databases, eBooks and full-text journals. Click on the “CSU Guest” network. There is no login information required.
Printing at Morgan Library Computer LabOnce you have received your permanent library card in the mail, you can put money on the card at the RamCash Kiosk located across from the Loan & Reserve Desk. Next you will need to transfer that money from your RamCash account to your PaperCut account at this website: If you need any assistance, please contact the Morgan Library Help Desk.
Not Applicable