Research Data Terms of Use

Users are expected to abide by the Colorado State University Acceptable Use Policy, Research Data Policy, and other University policies, where applicable. However, by using or downloading the data, you signify your agreement to the conditions of use stated below: 

  • You will not attempt to identify any individuals included in the data or otherwise infringe the privacy or confidentiality rights of individuals discovered inadvertently or intentionally in the data. 
  • If you should identify anyone unintentionally, you will contact Mountain Scholar staff at  
  • You will abide by the Creative Commons license or other license conditions applied to the data (if any). 
  • You will properly cite the data by including a data citation in any publication or presentation resulting from use of the data.

Content within the files is governed by the Mountain Scholar Submission Agreement. Data are offered with no warranty or claim of fitness for any purpose. In no event shall Colorado State University be liable for any actual, incidental or consequential damages arising from use of these files. The parties hereto understand and agree that liability for any claims for injuries or damages arising out of the acts or omissions of the University will be controlled and limited by the provisions of CRS 24-10-101, et seq

If you discover that a link is broken or that you are not able to download the files you need, please contact Mara Sedlins at

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