How to Submit to the CSU Digital Repository

What type of content are you submitting?

  • Are you submitting research data?  Please see Data Management.
  • Are you submitting other content, such as journal articles, conference proceedings and presentations, theses and dissertations, audio and video files, administrative and policy documents, University publications?  If so, follow the instructions below.

Preparing to Submit Your Files

  • Please review the Guidelines for CSU Authors/ Creators.
  • Review our Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright, to ensure you comply with copyright laws. If in doubt about copyright, contact the CSU Digital Repository staff.
  • Ensure that your files are in the recommended formats of pdf, mp4, mp3, or jpg. For more details about file formats, see our Preservation Policy.
  • Keep files to less than 2GB each. If they are larger, contact the CSU Digital Repository staff who can facilitate the file transfer.
  • For each submission, you will receive one persistent link.

Submitting Your Files

  • Log on using your CSU eID.
  • Complete the form to submit your work(s).
  • The CSU Digital Repository staff will verify content, add metadata, and publish your work(s). Your work(s) will be available to the global research community and discoverable via Google and Google Scholar.
  • Once approved, your work(s) will be open to the public and you will be provided a persistent link. This link can be used for citing your work(s) on personal and departmental websites, or with your ORCiD.

For more information, contact:

Mark Shelstad
(970) 491-2820
Email: CSU Digital Repository