Named Spaces

Pat Griffin

Mr. Griffin was the founder of the Gas-A-Mat company, which grew from a few local service stations to a multi-state enterprise. He was a friend of CSU President William E. Morgan. His Griffin Foundation donated $2.5 million to the expansion of Morgan Library (1995-1998). It was the largest single donation in the history of the University. Mr. Griffin died in 1993.

William E. Morgan

Mr. Morgan was President of CSU from 1949 through 1970. The University expanded greatly during his tenure. He played a key role in obtaining funds for a new library building in the early 1960s. When the new building opened in 1965 it was named in his honor. The collection also quadrupled in size during that decade. William E. Morgan passed away in 2005.

Other Named Areas/Items

First Floor:

Joseph Phelps Gallery (new books area)
Boettcher Foundation Reading Room (rotunda)
Ken & Myra Monfort (certificate by Admin Suite entrance)
Karen W. Jacob Map Collection (first floor south)
Dr. Thomas R. Mark Assistive Technology Room

Second Floor:

Robert S. Everitt Family Gallery (open area)
Bonfils-Stanton Foundation Gallery (open/exhibit area)
Kenneth Kendal King Foundation Gallery (NE of Archives
Ann S. Liggett Group Study Room

Third Floor:

Tointon Family Gallery (NE area of building)
Gates Family Foundation Gallery (open area)
Richard L. Robinson & Edward A. Robinson Gallery (open area)
Harold H. Short Family Reading Room (rotunda)
Helen K. & Arthur E. Johnson Foundation Gallery (near north elevator)
Robert L. Tate Group Study Room (Room 301B)


Adolph Coors Foundation

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