Student Jobs at the Library

Student workers at Morgan Library.

Quick Facts about Library Jobs:

  • 103 student workers during the 2022-23 academic year
  • 62% of student workers on work-study
  • $14.51 per hour is the average pay for student workers

How to Apply for Library Jobs:

All positions for student employees appear on RAMWeb under the Student Employment link. Most hiring usually happens in August and September, but positions are posted throughout the year.

Student Employment Resources at CSU:

These resources from the Career Center have great advice for students about applying and interviewing for jobs, so we encourage you to check them out!

What Students Do at the Library:

Students are a vital part of the Libraries. Nearly all library departments hire students, which means that students are responsible for a variety of tasks. Most often, students work at service desks, helping library users do things like check out items, print an assignment, or find a study room.

Students can also work behind the scenes to shelve books, scan historical materials, write news stories, contribute to geospatial information projects, and much more.


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