Strategic Planning Process

Photo of the front of Morgan Library, Colorado State University

What was the purpose of strategic planning at the CSU Libraries?

As the intellectual and interdisciplinary nexus for the CSU community and Colorado residents, Colorado State University Libraries is charged with providing resources, tools, and guidance necessary to engage critically with the global information landscape. In fulfillment of this charge, CSU Libraries aligned with CSU’s Principles of Community and President McConnell’s Courageous Strategic Transformation framework to envision the Libraries’ mission, vision, goals, and priorities.

The strategic plan’s goal is to refine our purpose, giving a mission and vision that directs the Libraries over the next several years as we face unknown scenarios and decisions.

This plan will help guide library employees in making choices that have the best impact on CSU’s community, students, and users.

Who contributed to the Libraries’ strategic planning process?

The Library Leadership Group led the Libraries’ strategic planning process in coordination with Dean of Libraries Karen Estlund. The group was comprised of 23 employees who worked diligently on the massive undertaking of strategic planning.

Using an appreciative inquiry framework, the process was completed in June 2021, and involved surveys, feedback, and working task forces from all departments.

What informed the Libraries’ strategic planning?

  • Creation of a mission and vision statement
  • Organizational-level audit of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the Libraries
  • Unit benchmarking and peer comparison
  • Organizational review
  • Scenario planning
  • Adoption of the University’s Principles of Community as the Libraries’ organizational values

Who provided feedback on the the strategic plan at CSU?

CSU Libraries spoke with student, faculty and staff stakeholders across the University to discuss our strategic planning process and plans for the future. Many of their suggestions were incorporated into this final version. We thank all who gave their time and feedback, particularly: the Associated Students of Colorado State University, the Faculty Council Committee on Libraries, and our donors and friends.

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