Peer Research Mentors

Peer mentors Kira and Archie-Em are seated at a table, looking at a laptop screen. They are wearing flannels and tshirts. On the table are books and pamphlets, a bin of candy for the taking, and 2 signs. The larger sign reads, in white and gold text on a dark green backround, 'Peer Research Mentors: Rams helping Rams with research projects'.  The smaller sign reads, in bright yellow and red on a dark green backround, 'Research got you stressed? Overwhelmed? Confused?' accompanied by unhappy-face, stressed-face, and angry-face emojis, then the nerd-face emoji and the words, 'I can help!'

Need help finding sources for a research paper? Not sure how to begin finding information at the library? Want to build your confidence with research skills? Peer Research Mentors can help!

The Libraries’ Peer Research Mentors help fellow students in finding relevant, quality information to complete course work, or simply expand their curiosity. Mentors are friendly, approachable and trained in research skills, so you can develop confidence and ask any questions about research and library resources.

Peer Research Mentors can chat with you online or in-person.

Meet your Peer Research Mentors

Headshot of Peer Mentor Kira


Pronouns: she/her
Major: Chemical & Biological Engineering

Headshot of Peer Mentor Archie-Em


Pronouns: they/he
Major: Ecosystem Science & Sustainability

Headshot of Peer Mentor Kailee


Pronouns: she/her
Major: Doctoral, Psychology

Headshot of Peer Mentor Vivek


Pronouns: he/his
Major: Computer Science, Masters Program

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Location: Morgan Library, across from Library Services desk

Times: Monday-Thursday, 4-7pm. Other times will vary.

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