Computer Use Policy

The Colorado State University Libraries provides computers and Internet access to support the scholarly, education and information needs of its users. Computer lab equipment is funded through the University Technology Fee, which is assessed of all currently enrolled students. Library computers require users to log in using their secure CSU NetID and password. Users may also access the Internet using their own devices.

Priority of use for CSU computing resources is given to students, faculty, staff, and those accessing government depository information. The use of library computers and electronic resources by patrons not affiliated with the university is allowed within certain limits. Non-affiliated users may be asked to discontinue using CSU computers during peak periods in order to meet the needs of primary clientele.

The Libraries does not encrypt data sent or received through its Internet services, so the connection should not be considered secure. Any charges accrued using online resources are the responsibility of the individual user.

The following actions are prohibited on Morgan Library computers, including the computer lab:

  • Exceeding the time limits that have been established for public users;
  • Using another individual’s ID or credentials for access;
  • Violating copyright laws or database licensing restrictions;
  • Accessing or making visible material that may be considered intimidating, demeaning, hostile, or offensive to others. (Displaying such material in public is in violation of CSU’s “Discrimination, Harassment, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Misconduct, Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, Stalking and Retaliation Policy.”);
  • Bypassing security protections on individual computers, or engaging in any form of hacking or unauthorized use of networked resources;
  • Installing any software or hardware devices on library computers except USB thumb drives for saving content;
  • Disassembling computers or disconnecting network or power cables from the computer or wall;
  • Engaging in conduct disruptive to the concentration of others, including playing audio from computers and/or portable devices that can be heard by others;
  • Consumption of food, or drinks other than those in closed containers.

Users who violate the above prohibitions may be asked to discontinue using computers by library staff or campus police. Staff and police are authorized to request identification when they suspect that a user is not complying with these restrictions, or when a user fails to comply with a request to discontinue use of a library computer. They are also authorized to pursue further action in accordance with University policies.

Computer access is granted subject to University and library policies and local, state, and federal laws, as noted in the University’s Acceptable Use Policy for Computing and Networking Resources and Library Use Policy.

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