Poster Printing

The Morgan Library has a large format (42 inches wide) printer available. Poster printing services are available only to those with an active CSU NetID and are a first-come/first-serve basis.

Please be aware that prints can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on demand and the file size. For this reason, we will not start printing a poster in the 30 minutes before the Help Desk closes.

To print a poster, place your PDF file on a USB or email it to yourself. Visit the Help Desk and one of the staff members will print it for you.  You must be present when printing a poster.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Since the paper width is exactly 42 inches, we strongly suggest the maximum design for one dimension of the poster should be no longer than 41.5 inches.
  • Make sure you save the final file as a PDF in the correct dimensions. This will help expedite the process.

Payment Information

  • You must pay at the time of service with MasterCard/Visa or an active student account with your CSU ID card.
  • Departments can pay with a departmental account number. The following information is needed for this process: Department Name, Name of Individual purchasing poster, and Account Number to be billed.
  • Class Poster Printing Request Form – Instructors and organizations can provide a departmental account number to pay for printing for classes/groups of students greater than five. Please submit request at least one week in advance.

Large Format Plotter: 42 inches wide

SubtotalTax AmountTotal plus Tax
11"x17" sheet$2.50$0.19$2.69$3.00
1.0ft = (0”-12”)$5.00$0.38$5.38$6.00
1.5ft = (13”-18”)$7.50$0.57$8.07$9.00
2.0ft = (19”-24”)$10.00$.76$10.76$12.00
2.5ft = (25”-30”)$12.50$.94$13.44$15.00
3.0ft = (31”-36”)$15.00$1.13$16.13$18.00
3.5ft = (37”-42”)$17.50$1.32$18.82$21.00
4.0ft = (43”-48”)$20.00$1.51$21.51$24.00
4.5 = (49”-54”)$22.50$1.70$24.20$27.00
5.0ft = (55”-60”)$25.00$1.89$26.89$30.00
5.5ft = (61”-66”)$27.50$2.08$29.58$33.00
6.0ft = (67”-72”)$30.00$2.27$32.27$36.00
6.5ft = (73”-78”)$32.50$2.45$34.95$39.00
7.0ft = (79”-84”)$35.00$2.64$37.64$42.00
7.5ft = (85”-90”)$37.50$2.83$40.33$45.00
8.0ft = (91”-96”)$40.00$3.02$43.02$48.00
8.5ft =(97”-102”)$42.50$3.21$45.71$51.00
9.0ft = (103”-108”)$45.00$3.40$48.40$54.00
9.5ft = (109”-114”)$47.50$3.59$51.09$57.00
10.0ft = (115”-120”)$50.00$3.77$53.77$60.00
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