Poster Printing

The Morgan Library has both a large format and a medium format printer available. These services are available only to those with an active CSU eID and are a first-come/first-serve basis. Please be aware that prints can take anywhere from 15 minutes to several hours, depending on demand and the file size.

To print a poster, place your PDF file on a USB or email it to yourself. Visit the Help Desk and one of the staff members will print it for you.  You must be present when printing a poster.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Since the paper width is exactly 42 inches, we strongly suggest the maximum design for one dimension of the poster should be no longer than 41.5 inches.
  • Make sure you save the final file as a PDF in the correct dimensions. This will help expedite the process.
  • For the best results, review the CAT large format guidelines prior to designing your poster

Payment Information

  • You must pay at the time of service with MasterCard/Visa or an active student account with your CSU ID card.
  • Departments can pay with a departmental account number. The following information is needed for this process: Department Name, Department Number, Department Phone Number, Name of Individual purchasing plot, and Account Number to be billed.
  • Poster Printing Request Form – Instructors and organizations can provide a departmental account number to pay for printing for classes/groups of students.

Large Format Plotter: 42 inches wide

SizeIndividual  Department
SubtotalTax AmountTotal plus Tax
1.0ft = (0”-12”)$7.90$0.60$8.50$6.90
1.5ft = (13”-18”)$11.85$0.89$12.74$10.35
2.0ft = (19”-24”)$15.80$1.19$16.99$13.80
2.5ft = (25”-30”)$19.75$1.49$21.24$17.25
3.0ft = (31”-36”)$23.70$1.79$23.49$20.70
3.5ft = (37”-42”)$27.65$2.09$29.74$24.15
4.0ft = (43”-48”)$31.60$2.39$33.99$27.60
4.5 = (49”-54”)$35.55$2.68$38.23$31.05
5.0ft = (55”-60”)$39.50$2.98$42.48$34.50
5.5ft = (61”-66”)$43.45$3.28$46.73$37.95
6.0ft = (67”-72”)$47.40$3.58$50.98$41.40
6.5ft = (73”-78”)$51.35$3.88$55.23$44.85
7.0ft = (79”-84”)$55.30$4.18$59.48$48.30
7.5ft = (85”-90”)$59.25$4.47$63.72$51.75
8.0ft = (91”-96”)$63.20$4.77$67.97$55.20
8.5ft =(97”-102”)$67.15$5.07$72.22$58.65
9.0ft = (103”-108”)$71.10$5.37$76.47$62.10
9.5ft = (109”-114”)$75.05$5.67$80.72$65.55
10.0ft = (115”-120”)$79.00$5.96$84.96$69.00

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