Submit Your Thesis

Your electronic thesis or dissertation must be submitted to ProQuest/UMI by the published deadline date of your graduating term. Please follow the steps below.

1. Convert your electronic document to PDF format:

  • The PDF file must be named Lastname_Firstname.pdf, where “Lastname” and “Firstname” are that of the student.
  • Consult Creating PDFs  and UMI Formatting Requirements on the ProQuest/UMI website for more information.

2. Create your account on the ProQuest/UMI website and follow the steps to submit your thesis online.

Your submission will be reviewed for final approval by an administrator at the Graduate School before it is delivered to ProQuest/UMI and the CSU Digital Repository. Note: All questions about formatting the content of your ETD must be directed to the Graduate School.

Important Information About Access to Your ETD