Data Sharing

Why share my research data?

Researchers frequently share their research data in response to the requirements of funding agencies, but sharing your research data can be beneficial to your career in other ways, such as:

  • Increased citing of your research
  • Another citable resource for your CV
  • Long term preservation and findability through persistent identifiers

Where can I share my data?

  • Many disciplines have discipline specific repositories, like the NCBI databases, which houses molecular data.
  • All-purpose data repositories like FigShare and Dryad will store any data type, but often require payment.
  • The CSU Digital Repository houses data sets (scientific, demographic, GPS, survey data, etc.) and other ancillary research material at no cost for most data sets.

What is the CSU Digital Repository?

The CSU Digital Repository provides an open access showcase of research, scholarship, and creative works of Colorado State University faculty, students, and academic staff.

The purpose of the CSU Digital Repository is to promote and make accessible the intellectual output of the University to local, national, and international communities. This will maximize impact for individual CSU researchers and highlight the research profile of the University.

For more information, read the CSU Digital Repository Policies and Guidelines.