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To collect and provide access to library materials to support the teaching and research programs of the University and the research needs of the public who reside in the district. CSUL is a selective depository library and is part of the national Federal Depository Library Program (FDLP, library #0068). There are certain “legal and Program obligations” as part of this, found in The Legal Requirements & Program Regulations of the Federal Depository Library Program. One of the major responsibilities is providing access to government information to the public, in addition to CSU affiliates. New electronic items may be selected year round, while new print items can only be added annually (by October 1st). Print items generally arrive on a weekly basis, based on CSUL’s current item selections (“Item Lister”); shipping lists are in the box and available online. On a Biannual basis (odd years) data is collected by the FDLP, data which is entered online by the Government Information Librarian. State of Colorado publications are delivered by courier once a month.

Scope of coverage

Language: English

Geographic: United States, State of Colorado, and select regional

Chronological: 1776-

Publication types and levels: Governmental. These range from addresses, bills, budgets, census data, codes, committee prints, congressional reports, decisions, economic indicators, environmental impact statements, fact sheets, handbooks and manuals, hearings (testimony), journals, laws, maps and atlases, opinions, oral argument transcripts, orders of the court, pamphlets, patents, policies, presidential papers, record of proceedings and debates (Congressional Record), regulations, reports, research reports, soil surveys, statistical publications, statutes, technical reports, treaties, and others types.

Types of materials

The predominant focus is on electronic, born-digital materials. Nevertheless, there is a conscious effort to collect print materials in areas that the University specializes in, such as Agriculture and to keep in print items with historical importance which are yet to be digitized. In addition to agriculture as an area of emphasis, Environmental Impact Statements involving Colorado and nearby states and regions, Department of Interior, and Forest Service items are purposefully collected. In addition, other materials that are relevant to the research, teaching, and scholarship at CSU are collected.

CSUL has committed to collecting and keeping a comprehensive collection of the following areas as part of the Regional Cooperative Collection Policy. These materials are in areas that are generally only found at CSUL in Colorado, which has traditionally had a strong collection in these areas.

SuDoc. Stem Description
A 1-A 115 Department of Agriculture
I 1 Department of the Interior
I 19 Geological Survey
I 27 Bureau of Reclamation
I 29 National Park Service
I 49 Fish and Wildlife Service
I 53 Bureau of Land Management

While most Hearings (US Congress) are not retained in print, CSUL does retain and seek out hard copies of Hearings from these specific areas:

SuDoc. Stem Description
Y 4.Ag 8/1 Committee on Agriculture (House)
Y 4.Ag 8/2 Committee on Agriculture and Forestry (Senate)
Y 4.Ag 8/3 Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry (Senate)
Y 4.C 73/8 Committee on Energy and Commerce (House)
Y 4.En 2 Committee on Energy and Natural Resources (Senate)
Y 4.En 2/3 Committee on Energy and Commerce (House)
Y 4.G74/4 Joint Committee on Forestry
Y 4.In 8/13 Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (Senate)
Y 4.In 8/14 Committee on Interior and Insular Affairs (House)
Y 4.N 21/8 Select Committee on National Water Resources (Senate)
Y 4.P 96/2 Committee on Public Lands (House)
Y 4.P 96/10 Committee on Environment and Public Works (Senate)
Y 4.R 31/3 Committee on Natural Resources (House)

CSUL also keeps:

  • all War Department (W) items
  • selected Department of Defense (D) materials
  • items with stems:
    • C 55 (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [NOAA])
    • SI 1 (Smithsonian Institution)
    • X 1 (Congressional Record)

Other resources

Government Information Guide:

Contact information

Christine Pawliuk
Government Document Librarian
(970) 491-1873

January 2021

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