Help with Viewing

Do you have questions about viewing available items on Electronic Reserve? Please read the information below. If your question is not addressed, please feel free to contact ER staff.

Login with your eID username and password.

Off-Campus Access: First log in to and click CSU Libraries under Web Bookmarks.  For more details, read the Off-Campus Access directions.

Adding Classes:

Your Main Menu may show your class(es) already, but you may also be asked to manually add them. Search for your class by department, instructor, or by course. Once you’ve added your class(es) they will show in your Main Menu each time you login.

View, Tag, Hot List:

Click on the class to retrieve the available readings, click on the reading you want to access, then click on the ‘view item’ link. You can add tags to individual items for easy reference. You can also create a Hot List of items that will appear above your Main Menu when you first log in. This is a nice feature if you want to make a certain week’s readings easily accessible—you can add and remove items from the Hot List as needed.

Web Links:

Many items within ER are linked to the electronic article. If you are off-campus and cannot get to the PDF without submitting payment or additional login information, you will need to go through CSU’s secure site to access the readings. For more details, read the Off-Campus Access directions.

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