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As outlined in the Data Submission Guidelines, data producers should make every attempt to ensure that data deposited is in its final publication-ready state. For data associated with manuscripts under review, changes may be made while the dataset is embargoed (accessible only to those with a private URL). However, after the dataset has been made publicly available, all changes must be documented in the data record for purposes of transparency and provenance. Mountain Scholar staff will work with you to make necessary updates but will continue to provide access to the previous version of all files to ensure persistent access to previously published materials. If you need to permanently remove files, see our Takedown Policy.

Versioning should not be used as a method to add files to a collection from different waves of a study or as a method of preserving data during the active research phase of a project. If you foresee your dataset evolving over time, then consider a “release cycle” for your data (e.g., If you need to version content already within the repository or have questions about creating a plan for publishing dynamic data, contact Mountain Scholar Staff.

For more information, contact:

Helen Baer
Head, Digital Repositories Unit
(970) 491-5934

Email: Mountain Scholar Staff

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