Reproduction Fees

Researchers can request up to 10 photocopies (20 for students) of materials free of charge. A per page fee is charged for larger quantities. This is payable by personal check or exact change. We do not accept credit and debit cards. Staff will review materials to judge whether they are too fragile or have other issues which would prevent them from being photocopied.

If a request exceeds the number of free copies, a charge will be incurred for all copies. Requests of over 400 copies require the approval of the archivist. However, there will be no price break on these requests.

Photocopy Fee Schedule, per day charge:

1-20 copies:Free for students
1-10 copies:Free for researchers
21-100 copies:$.25 per page
101-200 copies:$.50 per page
201-400 copies:$1.00 per page

Digitization Fee Schedule

Researchers can request digital scans of materials for a fee. Staff will review the materials to determine if they are stable enough to be scanned.

Not-for-profit research use is $25.00 per scanned image. Researchers asking for scans of images for research use will need to re-apply later for a licensing agreement if the scans are to be used in a for-profit capacity (i.e. publishing).Please note that these fees are waived for requests from CSU administrative, departmental, and college offices.

Researchers requesting images for commercial-use publication, exhibition, broadcasting, or internet display of image derivatives from Colorado State University’s Archives and Special Collections need to contact the Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections to discuss licensing agreements and permission to publish. Please be aware that permission is for one-time-only use. Fees are $50 per image (including cost of scanning).

Archives & Special Collections

Morgan Library, Suite 202
Colorado State University
Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1019
(970) 491-1844

Reading Room Hours 

Monday - Thursday: 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Fridays by appointment.

Mark Shelstad
Coordinator, Archives & Special Collections
(970) 491-2820