Caffeine: a richly historied, controversial, and political substance that exists right under our noses – literally, in the daily rituals of coffee or tea of so many people around the world. Looking for some reading with your daily cup? Learn more about the deep history, culture, and impact of caffeine in our bodies, lives, and world by checking out these eBooks.  

Cover of The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World's Most Popular Drug

The World of Caffeine: The Science and Culture of the World’s Most Popular Drug   

Bennett Alan Weinberg, Bonnie K. Bealer 

The World of Caffeine is the first natural, cultural, and social history of our favorite mood enhancer – how it was discovered, its early uses, and the unexpected parts it has played in medicine, botany, painting, poetry, learning, and love. Weinberg and Bealer tell an intriguing story of a remarkable substance that has figured prominently in the exchanges of trade and intelligence that constitute the history and intercourse of nations. Its most common sources, coffee, tea, and chocolate have been both promoted as productive of health and creativity and banned as corrupters of the body and mind or subverters of social order. This is a tale of art and society and the ultimate caffeine resource. 

Cover of The Craft and Science of Coffee

The Craft and Science of Coffee 

Britta Folmer

This title follows the coffee plant from its origins in East Africa to its current role as a global product that influences millions of lives though sustainable development, economics, and consumer desire. By combining the research and insights of the scientific community and expertise of the crafts people, this book brings readers into a sustained and inclusive conversation, one where academic and industrial thought leaders, coffee farmers, and baristas are quoted, each informing and enriching each other. 

Cover of Tea: Cultivation to Consumption

Tea: Cultivation to Consumption 

K. C. Wilson, M. N. Clifford 

Tea is a unique crop and, incidentally, a very interesting and attractive one. The tea bush, its cultivation and harvesting do not fit into any typical cropping pattern. Moreover, its processing and marketing are specific to tea. Tea: Cultivation to Consumption is logically planned – starting with the plant itself and finishing with the traditional ‘cuppa’. It gives an authentic and comprehensive picture of the tea industry.  

Cover of Philosophy for Everyone : Grounds for Debate

Coffee: Philosophy for Everyone : Grounds for Debate 

Scott F. Parker, Michael W. Austin 

Offering philosophical insights into the popular morning brew, Coffee — Philosophy for Everyone kick starts the day with an entertaining but critical discussion of the ethics, aesthetics, metaphysics, and culture of coffee. Matt Lounsbury of pioneering business Stumptown Coffee discusses just how good coffee can be. Caffeine related chapters cover the ethics of the coffee trade, the metaphysics of coffee and the centrality of the coffee house to the public sphere.  

Cover of Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival

Brewing Justice: Fair Trade Coffee, Sustainability, and Survival   

Daniel Jaffee 

Fair trade is a fast-growing alternative market intended to bring better prices and greater social justice to small farmers around the world. But is it working? This vivid study of coffee farmers in Mexico offers the first thorough investigation of the social, economic, and environmental benefits of fair trade. Drawing on interviews with dozens of fair-trade leaders, the book also explores the changing politics of this international movement, including the challenges posed by the entry of transnational corporations into the fair-trade system. It concludes by offering recommendations for strengthening and protecting the integrity of fair trade.  

Cover of A Dark History of Tea

A Dark History of Tea 

Seren Charrington Hollins  

A Dark History of Tea looks at our long relationship with this most revered of hot beverages. The story of tea takes the reader on a fascinating journey from myth, fable and folklore to murky stories of swindling, adulteration, greed, waging of wars, boosting of trade in hard drugs and slavery and the great, albeit dark engines that drove the globalization of the world economy. All of this is spattered with interesting facts about tea etiquette, tradition and illicit liaisons making it an enjoyable rollercoaster of dark discoveries that will cast away any thoughts of tea as something that merely accompanies breaks, sit downs and biscuits. 

Cover of t Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Ten Years of Misadventures in Coffee

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time: Ten Years of Misadventures in Coffee Debate 

Annabel Townsend 

Because of its ability to reduce tiredness, sleep deprivation and improve alertness, caffeine emerged in the twenty-first century as a miraculous specific, which allows humans to cross their normal physiological and psychological body limits. This book consists of chapters covering caffeine history, methods of its determination and not only astonishing medicinal but also non-medicinal applications. It is our hope that every reader will find in this book something interesting, inspiring, informative and stimulating. 

Cover of The Book of Tea

The Book of Tea 

Kakuzo Okakura 

This modern classic invites the reader to discover a unique tradition that has come to symbolize wisdom, beauty, and the elegant simplicity of Asian culture. The author celebrates the Way of Tea from its ancient origins in Chinese Taoism to its culmination in the Zen discipline known as the Japanese tea ceremony. Combining the rich aesthetic of Asian culture through the history, philosophy, and practice of tea, The Book of Tea has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of readers since it was first published in 1906. 

Cover of Coffee, by Gavin Fridell


Gavin Fridell 

In a world of high finance, unprecedented technological change, and cyber billionaires, it is easy to forget that a major source of global wealth is, literally, right under our noses. Coffee is one of the most valuable Southern exports, generating billions of dollars in corporate profits each year, even while the majority of the world’s 25 million coffee families live in relative poverty. Combining rich history with an incisive analysis of key factors shaping the coffee business, Fridell challenges the notion that injustice in the industry can be solved “one sip at a time” – as ethical trade promoters put it. Instead, he points to the centrality of coffee statecraft both for preserving the status quo and for initiating meaningful changes to the coffee industry in the future. 

Cover of A thirst for empire: how tea shaped the modern world

A thirst for empire: how tea shaped the modern world 

Erika Rappaport 

Tea has been one of the most popular commodities in the world. For centuries, profits from its growth and sales funded wars and fueled colonization, and its cultivation brought about massive changes―in land use, labor systems, market practices, and social hierarchies―the effects of which are with us even today. An expansive and original global history of imperial tea, A Thirst for Empire demonstrates the ways that this powerful enterprise helped shape the contemporary world. 

Cover of Coffee: Production and Research

Coffee: Production and Research 

Dalyse Toledo Castanheira 

Coffee: Production and Research presents a diversity of important issues related to coffee, with an emphasis on the science of coffee growing. Coffee is one of the highest value commodities traded worldwide. Chapters cover such topics as biotechnology, growing, harvesting, post-harvest handling, quality, chemistry, commercialization, and byproducts of coffee. 

Cover of New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History

New York City Coffee: A Caffeinated History  

Erin Meister 

The coffee industry was made for New York: complex, diverse, fascinating and with plenty of attitude. Since arriving in the 1600s, coffee held patriotic significance during wartime, fueled industrial revolution and transformed the city’s foodways. Through stories, interviews and photographs, coffee professional and Tristate native Erin Meister shares Gotham’s caffeinated past and explores the coffee-related reasons why the city never sleeps. 

Cover of The Global Coffee Economy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 1500–1989

The Global Coffee Economy in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, 1500–1989  

William Gervase Clarence-Smith, Steven Topik 

For five hundred years coffee has been grown in tropical countries for consumption in temperate regions. This volume analyzes the creation and function of commodity, labor, and financial markets; the role of race, ethnicity, gender, and class in the formation of coffee societies; the interaction between technology and ecology; and the impact of colonial powers, nationalist regimes, and the forces of the world economy in the forging of economic development and political democracy. 

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