Disney Institute July 30, 2018

Disney Institute at Colorado State University

Disney’s Approach to Employee Engagement

Attract, Train and Retain the People that Best Fit Your Work Culture

At Disney Institute, we feel there are 4 crucial components in a work culture: hiring, training, communication and care. They are all interconnected and vital to a culture of engaged employees performing at their best.

Walt Disney Parks & Resorts has long maintained a tradition of creating magical, memorable experiences. The key to this heritage is how we always work to attract, develop and retain employees dedicated to this vision. We recognize that an organization must design processes that purposely reinforce a desired culture in order to ensure consistently high-performing employees.

Sharing insights of how selection, training and engagement are enhanced through communication to employees are just a couple ways we can help you improve your culture, and in return, your business outcome.

Disney Institute at CSU

Learn How To:

  • Adapt Disney business insights to assess and improve your organizational culture
  • Shape your work culture based on desired employee behaviors and select people who are a right fit
  • Use training strategies that ensure employees are confident in their roles
  • Improve communication, empower employees and strengthen morale
  • Create a supportive environment through genuine care and recognition programs

Need Help Persuading Your Supervisor?

Supervisor support for professional development is important. Here’s a fillable PDF to create a persuasive letter to your supervisor to get their approval to register. The letter outlines what you’ll learn, what benefits you’ll bring back to your company, and how much it costs.

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Date & Time

July 30 - 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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Who Should Attend?

Disney insights and illustrations are beneficial to anyone interested in discovering the key business practices that make Walt Disney Parks & Resorts a worldwide success with a desire to adapt these key insights to help drive financial results, repeat business, and a sustainable competitive advantage for their own organization.

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