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Memories of World War II at Glenn Morris Field House

On Memorial Day – May 31 this year – the United States will pause to remember and honor military personnel who have died in war. It is also a fitting time to remember how Colorado State University contributed to the war effort during World War II, and a building named for one of the university’s most notable veterans. Read on Source.

The Sutherland Family Legacy Lives On at the CSU Libraries

In June 1985, Colorado State University professor Thomas Sutherland was working at the American University of Beirut. In 1991, he finally returned home to Fort Collins to a hero’s welcome after spending six years as a hostage of Islamic jihadists. His determination and courage during his captivity was recognized and celebrated the world over.

Thanks to the work of archivists and librarians at CSU Libraries, the Sutherland family’s legacy – an example of how resiliency and positivity can emerge from adversity and transform lives – will be preserved and accessible to researchers, providing more insight into their wide-ranging impacts within local and international communities.


CSU experts explain Google v. Oracle and potential impact on information technology and research

On April 5, the U.S. Supreme Court handed down its decision in the Google v. Oracle case, setting a precedent for copyright and fair use in information technology that could have far-reaching impact. The court ruled in favor of Google, which copied part of Oracle’s computer code to support its Android platform, asserting that Google’s actions were within the limits of fair use.

This decision has the potential to impact Colorado State University’s own research capacities by extending the legality of fair use into the rapidly evolving information technology field.

We asked five experts from across campus to explain the decision, its significance, and how it could potentially impact information technology and the University’s research enterprise.  Read on Source.


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