Collection Enhancement

These funds support the purchase of important materials to broaden horizons in specific research areas through Special Book Endowments:

Library Collection Enhancement

The Collection Enhancement Fund provides for the purchase of print and electronic resources to support the academic and research needs of the entire campus, especially undergraduate students.

Dr. Henry A. Cross Book Fund

These donors are helping to build a comprehensive collection to support the University’s cognitive psychology program.

Dr. D. K. Bailey Collection Endowment

Dr. Bailey donated rare books, maps, prints, and scholarly journals to the University Libraries. The Collection covers the botanical sciences of North America, Great Britain, Africa, France and Ireland dating from the 1700s to the 1900s. Donors to this fund provide for the preservation of this fund and the acquisition of new materials in the botanical sciences.

Herbert J. Brauer Memorial Book Fund

Mr. Brauer, used the Library extensively to enhance his knowledge of and interest in wildlife. This fund is used to purchase books and scholarly materials on wildlife biology, focused especially on threatened or endangered species of large mammals.

Dr. Francis E. and Evelyn L. Clark Book Fund

Both graduates of CSU, Dr. Clark served as a faculty affiliate at CSU and authored many books and journal articles in the field of soil, plant, and microbial interactions. This fund is used to purchase materials for students studying in the fields of agriculture and natural sciences.

Dr. Henry A. Cross, Jr. Book Fund

The purpose of this fund is to recognize Dr. Cross and the considerable impact he had on his students and the field of psychology. Donors to this fund are helping to build a comprehensive collection to support the University’s cognitive psychology program for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Warren and Genny Garst Fund

Warren received his Master of Science degree in Zoology from CSU and for 25 years was the chief wildlife photographer for Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom television series. Genny taught mathematics and computer science at CSU from 1958-1963. The Garst’s have also generously donated their collection of wildlife photographs to the Library that have been digitized and can be found on the library’s website. This fund supports that collection of photographs and is used to purchase books and publications in the area of greatest need.

Dr. Duane F. Hartshorn Book Fund

This fund honors Dr. Hartshorn for his lifetime of service to the students and faculty in the field of health services. The fund is used for the purchase of books and scholarly materials for undergraduate and graduate students in the most needed areas.

Roland and Marie Johnson Fund

This fund is used to purchase materials in the most needed areas with special emphasis on agriculture and finance books.

Sean William McGowan Fund

This fund is in memory of Sean William McGowan, and is used to purchase resources focusing on English literary books and creative writing books.

Hiroshi and Yoshiye Tateyama Fund

A dairy farmer, Mr Tateyama served in many positions with state and national dairy and farm organizations. The purpose of this fund is to provide books, publications and resources in the area of agriculture and to support the area of Cooperative Extension within the University Libraries.

Clarence L. Wentworth Memorial Book Fund

Donors to this fund are supporting the Libraries’ collection of literature, composition, and other Department of English materials.

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