Collections Management

The Collections Management Department coordinates collection development and management of the CSU Libraries collection in all formats including print, electronic, and streaming media. The unit works collaboratively with the College Liaison Librarians who have subject responsibility for the collection and the Acquisitions and Metadata Services Department which is responsible for the acquisition of materials. The Collection Management Department has primary responsibility for data and statistical examination of the collection materials and the unit provides reports and analysis for library management and budgeting decisions.

Colorado State University Libraries is committed to the University’s mission to support excellence in teaching and research by providing collections that enable undergraduate and graduate students and faculty to have access to resources and information they need for education, scholarship, and research. The University also has a strong land grant mission to the citizens of Colorado which the Libraries recognizes and supports through its access policies, unique local collections, and specific core subject collections (e.g. veterinary medicine, agriculture, water). In its collections, the Libraries strives to maintain these historic strengths as well as future needs. The Libraries recognizes the need for and supports interdisciplinary and subject-specific resources in different formats and incorporates technologies that deliver these resources to users in a timely and convenient manner. The Libraries collects material in all appropriate formats, including print, electronic, and multimedia. The Libraries prefers to collect in electronic formats when feasible. As new technologies and practices emerge, the Libraries will adapt the collection strategies to those which will best serve its users.

Collection development policies


Subject Librarians by Department

Collections Staff

Meg Brown-Sica
Assistant Dean, Scholarly Communications and Collection Development

Jessie Council
Assistant for Collection Development
Provides collection management support to the Coordinator of Collections and the College Liaison Librarians: assists with projects designed to assess and manage the collections; collects, processes, and creates reports on the usage of electronic & print resources; maintains the Collection Management Unit’s web pages, libguides and the Staff WIKI.

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