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Grant opportunity for Faculty: Open Educational Resources

Colorado State University has received $40,000 from the Colorado OER Council to offer grants to support the work required to transition courses from using commercial course materials to using Open Educational Resources.  This grant is available to any CSU faculty member who would like to adopt, adapt, or create new OER for a course.

The deadline for applications is May 14, 2021. Contact Christine Pawliuk ( for more information.


Coding & Cookies

Tidy Data in R

The process of generating data can be messy, and what you can do with your data depends strongly on how it is formatted. This month's coding and cookies will cover the definition of “tidy data”, a standardized way of formatting your data that makes it easier to work with. You will learn how to clean and reformat your data using a collection of R packages called the tidyverse. A basic working knowledge of R and R studio would be helpful for you to get the most out of this session.

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Data Visualization using ggplot2

So you’re familiar with R, but want to do more with your plots than the base graphics package.  In this month’s Coding and Cookies, the ggplot2 package in R will be discussed. After this session, you will be able to create a variety of plot types, alter their aesthetics, and create custom themes. A working knowledge of R and R studio and dplyr would be helpful for you to get the most out of this session.

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Version Control using Git

We’ve all intuitively used some type of version control in our work such as saving multiple versions of a document. While easy, it can cause file bloat and ultimately become more complicated. Luckily, formal version control systems have been developed to streamline this process. In this month’s Coding and Cookies session, we will be covering version control using git. After this session, you’ll be able to create a git repository, make and add changes to the repository, and use GitHub to remotely store your repository.

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